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Bishop Robert L. Young Sr. Founder and Presiding Bishop

Mission Statement: Our Mission is to prepare ministers, deacons and church laity for the work of ministry by providing them with the knowledge and practical application that they need to become a more effective leader and helper to their pastor, and church. Secondly, it is our goal to give ministers the knowledge base and tools that they need if God should call them to establish their own individual ministry.  Thirdly, our mission is to serve those individuals who are not interested in attending a seminary, bible college or seeking a four year college degree at this time, but have the desire to receive specific training in ministry in preparation for ministry or ordination. The curriculum is designed to address topics that normally are not addressed in many bible colleges and seminaries. Finally, at NJTW Ministers and Laity Training Institute students will develop relationships with other students that will last for a lifetime.

Vision statement: Our vision is to become accredited by an accreditation governing authority that is approved by the Department of Education and offer certificates, associate degrees, and bachelor degrees to ministers and church laity that will transfer their course work to other colleges, universities, and schools offering higher level degrees. It is also our desire to equip ministers for planting churches and establishing ministries for the benefit of the Kingdom of God. Please visit our website at www.njtwinstitute.org


Establishment: New Jerusalem Tabernacle of Worship Ministers and Laity Training Institute was established in March 2013 by Bishop Robert L. Young Sr. It is currently not an accredited institution but plan to become fully accredited upon meeting the requirements after several years of establishment. The institute was birth out of a prophecy given to Bishop Young in 2003 from a woman attending one of the church revivals. The prophecy stated: “Be prepared to train up leaders and others to do the work of the church and to release them into their own ministry.” Since that prophecy Bishop Young has trained several ministers and released them into their own ministry. This has driven Bishop Young while under the guidance of the Holy Ghost to established New Jerusalem Tabernacle of Worship Ministers and Laity Training Institute.

Admission Requirements: The institution has an open enrollment but all prospective students must be at least 18 years old and a graduate of high school or have a GED. Students must submit a copy of their high school diploma or high school transcript showing that they graduated from high school or evidence that they have completed their GED.


Community Presentations: We are available to make presentations about our training institute at local churches, district meetings, ministerial alliance meetings, and other functions or activities upon request. You may contact our Admissions Director Latoya Robinson at 817-361-6711 to arrange a presentation. Please visit our website at www.njtwchurch.org for more details and for registration information.