College Prep Boot Camp

Our pastor is an advocate for education with a background of over 28 years of experience in the education field with 21 of those years spent at the collegiate level. It is his desire to help increase the number of high school students attending college after graduating from high school. Therefore, he developed the College Prep Boot Camp which is designed to prepare high school upcoming sophomores, juniors and seniors for college entrance.
First, the boot camp will consist of things colleges look for in high school students with regards to the admission process.
Second, students will learn how to write a successful college admissions essay.
Third, students will learn how to select a balanced schedule of college courses during their first year of college without being overloaded with too many demanding courses their freshman year.
Fourth, students will learn how to management their time between taking college courses, possibly working part-time and maintaining a social life.
Fifth, students will learn how to improve and develop better study skills for college level courses.
Sixth, students will learn how to overcome test anxiety and develop better test-taking skills for true-false, multiple-choice tests, and essay tests that will assist them throughout their college career. 
Seventh, students will learn the different types of financial aid available for college, when to apply for financial aid, how to apply for financial aid and those factors that determine whether or not a student receives financial aid.
Finally, females attending the boot camp will receive tips on rape prevention on college campuses. This boot camp will be very valuable to high school students with plans of continuing their education at the postsecondary level after high school. Seats for these upcoming seminars will be limited so therefore interested persons must preregister in advance.
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